How to Install Bigo Live APP In IOS (Iphone, Ipad)

Among IOS users, Bigo Live is a popular social and live stream platform. This offers several exciting features such as sharing videos, sending images, messaging, calling, live broadcasting, sending money, configuring your profile, video game playing, live broadcasting and a lot more. In short, Bigo Live is an app that allows you to become the next star and connect with millions of users around the globe.

How to Downlaod and Install Bigo Live App in IOS

For iPad and iPhone users, Bigo Live has installed versions for IOS. Here are the ways on how to install the app. Note:  You’ll get the full features of Bigo Live app when you signed in. While opening the app, you will be prompted to sign in with your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Gmail account or sign up with your phone. After which, you have to complete your profile information and begin exploring the app by following some trending broadcasters.

  1. Go to App Store in your Iphone or Ipad
  2. Search for Bigo Live
  3. Click Install to start downloading
  4. Wait and finish installing the app

Why Install Bigo Live IOS

There are great perks when using Bigo Live, the reason why millions have already downloaded the app. To learn more about its exciting offers, here are the best advantages why you need to install Bigo Live IOS:

  1. Live broadcasting/Streaming – you can share your screen and broadcast live to millions of users anytime, anywhere.
  2. Be the next star – you can earn thousands and even millions of fans across the globe. This app provides introduction to a huge number of people.
  3. Earn rewards – you can earn prizes, beans and diamonds from other Bigo Live fans and supporters. These rewards can later be exchanged to real cash.
  4. Gain new friends – you can talk live to anybody using the Guest Live Feature and eventually can persuade them to co-live your broadcasting.
  5. Virtual gifts – you can show your support to your cherished broadcaster online by sending them interesting and cool virtual gifts.

How to Connect Bigo Live PC Connector For IOS

Bigo Live connector is launched by Bigo technology after the success of Bigo Live. This has reached almost a 100 million downloads across the globe. This new application is very popular especially if the user wanted to broadcast their game play.

Great news! The Bigo live connector is available on PCs using Windows 7 and above. by using this feature we can connet our IOS device ( Iphone or Ipad) with PC and enjoy bigo live in big screen. It only requires a minimum of windows 7 OS installed in your PC. Here are the steps on how to install the app:

  1. Download the Bigo Live Connector for PC (Windows (.exe).
  2. After finished downloading, install it on your PC. To do this, double click then select language and hit OK.
  3. From your PC, launch the Bigo Live Connector. You will be prompted to Bigo Live Connector setup. After completing the setting up process, click Finish.

How to Use Bigo Live Connector in PC

After installing the app, here are steps you need to follow when you wish to start the outstanding benefits of Bigo Live Conenctor.

  1. You have to choose your mode of broadcasting which only have two options: Game Capture and Screen Capture.
  • Game Capture – this will only capture a particular application or game which you have chose from the dropdown list which you want to broadcast.
  • Screen Capture – using this option will allow everything you do on your PC to be streamed live because it captures the entire screen.
  1. After selecting any of the above broadcasting modes, open Bigo Live app on your mobile and click the Go Live button. You have to choose between two options:
  • Live –  this will turn on your camera and start broadcasting live. You can do anything you wish that will attract followers among millions of users.
  • Games – there are two game options:
  • Mobile Games – you can select what game you wanted by choosing from the dropdown list and click go live. The game you have selected will be opened from your mobile and streamed online. Then you will see the number of viewers you have for the particular activity.
  • Computer Games – if you are choosing this option, you need to scan the QR code from the Bigo Live Connector which was installed on your PC. This will automatically stream your game online. You have started the live broadcasting once you have scanned the QR code.

How to Delete Bigo Live App in IOS

If you have decided to delete Bigo Live app because you wish to change your phone or don’t wasn’t to use the app anymore, here are the instructions to remove the app:

  1. Using the Bigo Live App, go to Menu then Settings
  2. Highlight Delete Account or Degister No.
  3. Click the delete option
  4. Your Bigo Live account is now deleted.

Note: After you have deleted the app, you need to uninstall it. Remember that you can install Bigo Live IOS anytime you wish to use it again. You only have to run through the same installation process.

Bigo Live offers a lot of exciting features and open a myriad of opportunities for you online. By streaming and broadcasting live, you can show what you got to a huge crowd. It only takes a simple process to install Bigo Live IOS and in one click, you can go live!