How to Withdraw[Exchange] Bigo Live Beans Into Real Money

How to withdraw[Exchange] real money from Bigo Live app?

To collect or withdraw[exchange] real money from Bigo app, you first have to 6700 beans wherever 3 diamonds cost 10 beans. After you have reached the contract requirement, now you can easily replace the beans and diamonds into real money to convey it to your account. And that’s how a user can compose money from Bigo Live Video Call app.
Steps To Withdraw[Exchange] Money as of Bigo Live Beans To Cash

  1. Tap on your Bigo Live app, and go to the earnings.
  2. Click on replace Rewards and enter the amount you wish for exchange.
  3. Once you have entered the quantity, now add the bank mode which you want the money to convey.
  4. Finally, your money will be added to your bank within only some days(7 working days).

Important Note: if you have made inaccuracy in entering wrong banking information then you don’t have to worry. If the money is not transferred then it will automatically be refunded back to your Bigo Live app as diamond or Beans.

How to Set Passwords for Withdrawals in Bigo Live?

Finally, not remember that you have protected your account first to make a safe and safe transaction. As these are going to create a real money withdrawal you will need real bank information. And to stay safe and make any transaction, you must insert the privacy protocols to protect your responsive bank details.

Steps to put Passwords for Bigo Live:

  • clack on the Menu of the Bigo Live app.
    • Now go to the Setting, select Account and Phone Number.
    • Next, you have to enter your mobile phone number which will confirm sending you a code.
    • Enter the code then you will get the choice to set a password. Set your password now.
    • Next, you will also be asked to insert Pin which will be your key to unlock or lock the payment sector.
    Hope you have successfully done the process, now earn beans as much as probable and replace them with real money.

Important Note: For security alarmed you must generate the password and set it with your mobile phone number. So that whenever any issue occurs, you would get informational SMS to remain you alert on every transaction.

How to Do Video Broadcasting and Video Calling On Bigo Live?

  1. Firstly, you had to sign upfor the app.
  2. To begin your live stream, connect on the Earth Like round sign in the base Center.
  3. Now, Enter the Live heading and make sure to Turn On or Turn off the Location & Facebook sharing.
  4. Just click on go Liveand your Live broadcasting will launch within some seconds.
  5. You can compose video calls to the people in the chat list and also find new people in the upper right place.
  6. Clack on any Photo Iconand do the video call on bigo live app. You can now video chat with a variety of people and for the meantime, you will obtain live text chat on your broadcast.
  7. Invite your friends and contacts to co-host your broadcast!

Now after you have earned a sufficient amount of beans or diamonds, start the below method to withdraw money as Bigo Beans to cash.