Bigo Live Connector

After the success of Bigo Live with millions of users around the globe, Bigo Technology has launched Bigo Live Connector. This is a marvelous app that can do a lot of wonders on live streaming and where you can share your mobile or PC screen to other online users. This app has been an excellent option to millions of users where they can easily attract other users to stream their PC or mobile app.

How to Download and Install Bigo Live Connector in PC

If you are excited to explore the app, make sure that your PC has installed Windows 7 OS and above. Here are the steps on how to download and install Bigo Live Connector in your PC:

  1. Download “Bigo Live Connector” direct from a website or simply from a link (the file is around 40.9mb).
  2. After it has been downloaded, open the “Bigo Live Connector.exe file” from your PC.
  3. Start “installing” where Installer Language will first appear on your screen where you have to Select your Language then Click “OK”.
  4. From your PC, launch the Bigo Live Connector.
  5. After completing the Bigo Live Connector Set-up, click Finish.
  6. You have successfully installed Bigo Live Connector in PC.

How to Use Bigo Live Connector in PC

After the installation process, you can start using Bigo Live Connector through two broadcasting modes:

  1. Game capture – the chosen game or application from the dropdown list will be captured by Bigo Connector. From the list, you can choose what application or game you want to broadcast.
  2. Screen capture – using this option, your screen will be captured by Bigo Connector. This simply means that whatever you do on your screen will be streamed live.

Note: Under Screen capture, you need to adjust your game to borderless mode or window mode to avoid black screen.

Once you have chosen the mode of broadcasting, open the Bigo Live app and click the Go Live button located at the center of the screen. There are two options when you click the Go Live button:

  1. Live – this option will attract followers simply by broadcasting whatever you want others to stream. Any of your performed activity can magnet followers anywhere around the globe. The app will automatically turn on your camera and broadcast you live.
  2. Games – this option will offer you with two options:
  • Mobile games – you can name the Go Live game you are choosing when using this option. The drop down list will give you game selections and click Go Live upon choosing. The game on your mobile will be opened and start streaming it online. You will get to see how many audiences are following your game.
  • Computer games – in order for your game on PC to be streamed online, you need to scan the QR code from Bigo Live Connector on your PC. Once you have scanned the QR code, you have started the live broadcast.

Once you download Bigo Connector, you will experience real fun when sharing your PC screen and attracting followers. I hope that you found value in this article and have helped you to download Bigo Live Connector in your PC.

5 Tricks To Get Bigo live Unlimited Beans

Bigo Live beans: Here, I will give details you all about bigo live free beans and bigo live free levels. Bigo Live is an Android app and we can also use this app in our pc by using bigo live pc connecter. that offers the user to go live on the internet through just one only step. Here I will clarify you all about bigo live beans and bigo live levels. People who want to show their talent of a variety of genres can show it through this application. An assortment of genres can be many such as dance, fitness, freestyle, yoga, beauty tips, workout, music, singing etc. Bigo live streaming is one such quality of the Bigo live function that it helps the user to transmit videos live on the internet i.e by clicking on Bigo live broadcasting option, the user can stream on the internet within a small number of second.

bigo live beans

How To Get Bigo Live Unlimited Beans With 5 Simple Tricks

Many bigo live app users think like we can’t make the good amount of bigo beans with their talent. But after reading below 5 tricks you will get confidence and you will be staring earning beans from bigo live with the genuine method. This same process I am following from 6 months, now I am making 600 to 1000 beans per day. I fully confident you will also earn beans like me. This whole process will be done within the app, which means we no need to use any third party app to earn beans. You can also call this method as the original guide to earn bigo live beans.

  1. Create you bigo live profile with “Unique Name” and also add a “Pretty Nickname” that will help to attract more people.
  2. “Use girls picture as your profile pic”. Because bigo live app having more than 70% male users. (that female picture helps to reach more people 🙂
  3. Do at “least one live in a day with some useful topic” or start a discussion with some crazy topic or things. if you follow these you can get regular live watcher to your broadcasting.
  4. Try to engage with them and give the reply to their questions. This will create trust and increase your profile reach.
  5. Tell the time of next day “Live” before ending your broadcasting.
  6. Last but not the least use this url to get free beans without doing any work.

These 5 working methods I am using to reach my profile to more users. More users mean’s we can make unlimited bigo live beans. With the same 5 methods, I am making the good amount of money in all my bigo live accounts.

Tip: If you have multi-talent, then I suggest to create the separate account for each talent. Also, we can build our followers separately.

Paid Method of Receiving Bigo Live Beans:

If the user maintains funds in their Bigo live account then there is probability that the user can find a lot of beans and supporters for themselves. The Paid technique offers an instant advertising of the user’s account which increases the probability of their increasing popularity.

They are providing many payment methods to purchase bigo live beans. So, we can use any from their providing payments list.

How to Increase Beans in Bigo Live Video Call App?

Bigo Live is the topmost rated media offered till date surrounded by the live streaming app for your Smartphone. This trending live video call stage allows you to transmit live video of your own. Basically just go into your LIVE’S Heading and then mark your love. Watch the live video of quite a lot of Bigo users in the live community network, which is entirely free. Earn the profits diamonds level position out of 100, try to be at the top of the record in the position out of your friends. In the similar get your friends follow you in Bigo live account, just attach your friends throughout Facebook or twitter and Google.

Raise Bigo Live Beans in Bigo Live App Exchanging:

  • Step 1: The first thing you have to do is replace the beams, open the outline menu into your bigo live account.
  • Step 2: Select the choice “income”, and then you will be redirected to the next page of the income menu, get on on the “exchange beans” choice.
  • Step 3: now you will request to decide to translate the diamond into beams, select 3 diamonds into 10 beans or 30 diamonds into 100 beans and 300 diamonds for 1000 beans, etc.

But do be familiar with you can make money rising the beans in Bigo app. For that, you should recognize how to increase Bigo Live app. In this part, I will let you know how to make it take place to make money with Bigo Live distribution app.

Bigo Live is the greatest choice to pick to have all the social network fun in your lives. The application is typically well-liked in the parts of the country in Asia, chat any girl or boy or celebrity into the community media. There are a lot more moving features that Bigo Live app provides to it user, the fine points of the features are given below in a list

There is no short way to take the diamonds into the Bigo Live. Either you get the diamond by making live broadcasting or pay money for it or get a gift from the observer side.

How to Install Bigo Live APP In IOS (Iphone, Ipad)

Among IOS users, Bigo Live is a popular social and live stream platform. This offers several exciting features such as sharing videos, sending images, messaging, calling, live broadcasting, sending money, configuring your profile, video game playing, live broadcasting and a lot more. In short, Bigo Live is an app that allows you to become the next star and connect with millions of users around the globe.

How to Downlaod and Install Bigo Live App in IOS

For iPad and iPhone users, Bigo Live has installed versions for IOS. Here are the ways on how to install the app. Note:  You’ll get the full features of Bigo Live app when you signed in. While opening the app, you will be prompted to sign in with your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Gmail account or sign up with your phone. After which, you have to complete your profile information and begin exploring the app by following some trending broadcasters.

  1. Go to App Store in your Iphone or Ipad
  2. Search for Bigo Live
  3. Click Install to start downloading
  4. Wait and finish installing the app

Why Install Bigo Live IOS

There are great perks when using Bigo Live, the reason why millions have already downloaded the app. To learn more about its exciting offers, here are the best advantages why you need to install Bigo Live IOS:

  1. Live broadcasting/Streaming – you can share your screen and broadcast live to millions of users anytime, anywhere.
  2. Be the next star – you can earn thousands and even millions of fans across the globe. This app provides introduction to a huge number of people.
  3. Earn rewards – you can earn prizes, beans and diamonds from other Bigo Live fans and supporters. These rewards can later be exchanged to real cash.
  4. Gain new friends – you can talk live to anybody using the Guest Live Feature and eventually can persuade them to co-live your broadcasting.
  5. Virtual gifts – you can show your support to your cherished broadcaster online by sending them interesting and cool virtual gifts.

How to Connect Bigo Live PC Connector For IOS

Bigo Live connector is launched by Bigo technology after the success of Bigo Live. This has reached almost a 100 million downloads across the globe. This new application is very popular especially if the user wanted to broadcast their game play.

Great news! The Bigo live connector is available on PCs using Windows 7 and above. by using this feature we can connet our IOS device ( Iphone or Ipad) with PC and enjoy bigo live in big screen. It only requires a minimum of windows 7 OS installed in your PC. Here are the steps on how to install the app:

  1. Download the Bigo Live Connector for PC (Windows (.exe).
  2. After finished downloading, install it on your PC. To do this, double click then select language and hit OK.
  3. From your PC, launch the Bigo Live Connector. You will be prompted to Bigo Live Connector setup. After completing the setting up process, click Finish.

How to Use Bigo Live Connector in PC

After installing the app, here are steps you need to follow when you wish to start the outstanding benefits of Bigo Live Conenctor.

  1. You have to choose your mode of broadcasting which only have two options: Game Capture and Screen Capture.
  • Game Capture – this will only capture a particular application or game which you have chose from the dropdown list which you want to broadcast.
  • Screen Capture – using this option will allow everything you do on your PC to be streamed live because it captures the entire screen.
  1. After selecting any of the above broadcasting modes, open Bigo Live app on your mobile and click the Go Live button. You have to choose between two options:
  • Live –  this will turn on your camera and start broadcasting live. You can do anything you wish that will attract followers among millions of users.
  • Games – there are two game options:
  • Mobile Games – you can select what game you wanted by choosing from the dropdown list and click go live. The game you have selected will be opened from your mobile and streamed online. Then you will see the number of viewers you have for the particular activity.
  • Computer Games – if you are choosing this option, you need to scan the QR code from the Bigo Live Connector which was installed on your PC. This will automatically stream your game online. You have started the live broadcasting once you have scanned the QR code.

How to Delete Bigo Live App in IOS

If you have decided to delete Bigo Live app because you wish to change your phone or don’t wasn’t to use the app anymore, here are the instructions to remove the app:

  1. Using the Bigo Live App, go to Menu then Settings
  2. Highlight Delete Account or Degister No.
  3. Click the delete option
  4. Your Bigo Live account is now deleted.

Note: After you have deleted the app, you need to uninstall it. Remember that you can install Bigo Live IOS anytime you wish to use it again. You only have to run through the same installation process.

Bigo Live offers a lot of exciting features and open a myriad of opportunities for you online. By streaming and broadcasting live, you can show what you got to a huge crowd. It only takes a simple process to install Bigo Live IOS and in one click, you can go live!

How To Delete Bigo Live Account (Single Click)

Bigo Live: Bigo Live is well-liked live broadcasting social media app. Bigo is a different kind of Social Network. In this Bigo Live App People Can illustrate their talent like Singing Dancing etc.  People can send gifts Diamonds in Bigo App to People who perform their talent.

So at the moment, I am writing an article How to Delete Bigo Live Account lastingly from the mobile. Many People are altering their mobile phone and not want to make use of Bigo live app so that’s why they want to remove Bigo account. Bigo is going to trendy Very Fast. All the People are like this App because in this App people can show their video in one tick. So you can check the Bigo App Introduction from Given Below.

How to Delete Bigo Live Account Permanently:

If Bigo live users want to Delete Your Bigo Live Account Permanently or Non Permanently You can simply delete by given steps. You can also erase your Bigo Live Account for the short term. You can easily delete your Bigo Account on Any Android Phone and iPhone. follow below 4 simple steps to get your account deleted by your self.

  1. Firstly, Open Bigo Live App in Phone.
  2. Now go to the menu and then open the folder of Setting in Bigo App.
  3. Now you are able to check the Deregister No. or Delete Account.
  4. Now click on Delete it.
  5. Now you can see that your Account is deleted.

If you got any trouble while deleting Bigo Account or Deregistering Phone number from Bigo Live. By Using above Methods You can simply Delete Your Bigo Live Account from Android Phone. If you like our blog, How to delete Bigo Account from iPhone and From Android or From Web app then split it with your friends. You can also slash diamonds and bigo beans from it.

Note: If delete choice is not available then uninstall the app and reinstall after that do the same, your account will delete successfully.

Some Features of Bigo Live is below.

  • On the Bigo, App you can transmit live video like – Singing. Dance. Cook. You can also speak about movies.
  • You can also do Real-time communication. Engage with your audience in your live session. You can also chat with your desired broadcaster.
  • You can also obtain notifications when any user is live on Bigo Live App.
  • In this App You can also propel Virtual gifts like – Send hearts, lollipops, and other gifts to your preferred broadcasters in real time.
  • In Bigo App you can observe live videos anytime and anywhere on your Mobile Phones.
  • Bonuses – Get lots of audiences. Keep your followers. We’ll give you interesting offers!

Bigo Live is developed through the BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Bigo is a Social set of connections Like Facebook, Whatsapp. In this People can explain their talent videos live to other on Bigo Live. Bigo App is related like WhatsApp Facebook but In Bigo good features are That People can live their video. Bigo App is out for Android and iPhones devices it was not out for Pc but you can run bigo live on pc People are generous good response to Bigo Social Network.


How To Unblock Blocked Bigo Live Blocked Account

Today we will show you, how to unblock your phone and use Bigo Live if your account has been permanently banned on the phone.

Bigo Live banning accounts and phones

Sometimes, Bigo might ban you mistakenly because of having sexual contacts or explicit content which breaks their terms of services and guidelines. Now, due to this they not only ban the account but also block the phone so you cannot even make a new account on the same phone with a new number since it will be blocked. So in this article your going to know how to unblock bigo live account easily.

Using Bigo Live Account on blocked phones

Here I will open Bigo Live on my blocked phone and attempt to sign up for a new account.

1)I have opened the Bigo Live application and it is loading.

bigo live app

2)Now after it is done loading, It shows options to join with facebook, google and Phone. I click Phone and then Sign Up with Phone on my Bigo Live app in the blocked phone.

bigo live 1

3) Now I will try to sign up with another number on the same phone where they blocked my account.

bigo live 2

4) They send me an OTP, I insert the OTP and click Next like any normal sign up process in blocked Bigo Live phone.

bigo live 3

5) Now it notifies me that there is already an account associated with it and it will deactivate the previous account if I sign up for a new one.

bigo live 4

6) Now I click on login and then a pop-up appears saying that because of sexual contacts and extremely explicit material. Bigo Live has banned me and kicked me out because of breaking community guidelines.

bigo live 5

As you can see, it did not allow me to sign up to Bigo Live using my blocked phone. So now on this phone, even if I use a different number to create a different account or try to use a different social media account like Google or Facebook to access Bigo Live, it will still block me since it has blocked any activity from my phone of Bigo Live.

Accessing Bigo Live on Your Blocked Phone

Now I will show you a trick on how you can access Bigo Live on your blocked phone.

  • So first of all you have to go to Play Store on your phone and search in the search bar, Parallel Space.

bigo live 6

  • Click the first app and it should land you to it’s download page. Click Download and wait for it to download and install.

bigo live 7

  • Now open it once you are done installing the app. What parallel space does is, it can duplicate any app in our phone to work in a new environment and space. As you can see in the image, I’ve already made a parallel space for Bigo Live.

bigo live 8

  • So you too need to do the same, and add Bigo Live by clicking Add App and create a dual space for it. It will basically make a new serial number for the application and make Bigo Live think it is running on a new phone. Run it through parallel space once you are done adding it.

bigo live 9

  • As you can see Bigo Live is now working after using Parallel Space and you need to register using a new number to use the same since the previous number is already stored in their databases.

bigo live 10

Tips to protect Bigo Live account

  1. Make sure you follow the guidelines and Terms of Services stated by Bigo Live, since breaking them will only cause them to ban your account immediately the moment they notice.
  2. Do not store any explicit or overtly sexual content which Bigo Live can detect and ban you for having on your phone.

Final Words

Use Bigo Live with caution and be respectful to it’s platform to prevent getting banned on it and using cheap tricks to get around it. Better safe than sorry!